We Duplicate your fields in the cloud



A multispectral camera to monitor your fields from UAV or directly in the fields

Bosch Field IoT

Get the state of your vegetation. Every minute


The power of ESA’s satellite for your fields.

Autonomous robot

Automatic acquisitions with field robots.

Build your own Cloverfield and get custom analysis


The power of Cloverfield

The Intelligence of Cloverfield is able to use Deep Learning or Agronomical models. Made of Pro modules built by our experts and Expert modules built for your needs, Cloverfield provides insights to boost your business.

Pro modules

Several modules already exist to get you started on your platform quickly

Expert modules

Get the traits you need, thanks to Hiphen’s expertise. Agronomical models or Deep Learning: everything is possible.


Our team of engineers and scientists are able to provide decision support to boost your processes with Cloverfield’s Intelligence.


The power of agronomical models for vegetation indices estimation.


Disease detection with agronomy and Deep Learning.


Get access to the power of Deep Learning to count plants and organs !


Assess the heterogeneity of all your fields

Use cases



Focus on Science with Cloverfield.


Unlock the value of your genotype data with our phenotyping solutions.

Smart Agriculture

Combine sensors to get the most accurate view of your fields everyday.

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