Why double swath will save you time for your acquisitions ?

More swath with Airphen !

Projet Iphen avec Matthieu Hemmercé, Inra, Avignon, 17 Avril 2018 autorisation sgnée ok

The multispectral camera HIPHEN equipped its 6 bands AIRPHEN multispectral camera with a double swath feature: it increases the swath without compromising on the spatial resolution.


  • 5 cameras (corresponding to 5 bands: blue, green, red, red-edge, nearinfrared) are equipped with 8 mm focal length (33° x 25°) providing images with high resolution and small distortion.
  • 1 camera is equipped with 4.2mm focal length (60° x 46°) providing the double swath. This camera corresponds to a green band.
  • The flight plan is designed to provide an overlap of 70-80% for the double swath camera (4.2mm focal length). This corresponds to 40-50% overlap for the five 8mm cameras.
  • The photogrammetry software (such as Agisoft Photoscan) combines the 4.2 mm with the 8mm cameras for image alignment. It provides the multispectral orthoimage along with the 3D dense cloud. AIRPHEN: the Multispectral camera from HIPHEN Principles of the double swath Advantages of the double swath

Main advantages

  • The distance between consecutive tracks can be increased by a factor of two for a given ground spatial resolution. It allows either to:
    • Double the coverage for approximately the same autonomy.
    • Or divide by two the time required to cover the same area.
  • 3D point clouds are significantly improved in accuracy and completeness thanks to the improved spatial resolution and the larger angular sampling.